Monday, January 3, 2011

2nd anniversarY on 1st jAnuary 2011

yeawwww...epi new year allz..hope diz year will gimme more epiness and success wif flying raiNbow color maler...m getting old againz..phewwwww!!!!

not oNly epi new yeaR..but oso epi eniberseriii...special wishEz to my oNLy lep 4eva..muhammad shahrul nazmi...please be nice to me!!!heheheee...

owhhh..we've beeN 2gether2 for 2 yearz dear...m admit sumtimez m really bored wif u...weeee..sowi..but u noe wat..laz 3 weekz m feel dat m fall in lUv again..heeee..i want u..i want u n only luv u!!!m sowi 4 all my eweyz trying to be a perfect gurlfren  to u..but...huuuuuuu...hope it cAn be provD in diz year or maYbe next2 year...i think we need to change ourSelV..u toO..please be matured!!!!!wOrk hard!!!!be a super duper power multimedia designer!!!!stOP smokiNG!!!!huh~save mney 4 kawen.hehehee..

datz oL...wanNa sleeP and dreaMz ov u...oh..nO!!!dreamZ ov khairul fahmi a.k.a. APEK..laalalallala~

Muhammad Shahrul Nazmi,
never luv u wif all my heart..but i luv u wif full ov my heart...