Wednesday, January 27, 2010

afdmkad & new life

omost 3 weeks m x updatin' my bLog...sincE mY title chanGed b as a stUdentz..m hven't enough tyme colOring my bLog wif mY latesT storY n gossiPs..reAlLy buzzieSt wif mY esemenT.. not reAlly esement Juz omewOrk dat Ive goT every Weekz..stIll tRying 2 comfort mYself wiv new envirnmnt iN da class..uwaaa...sheram shejUk bile msyUk class coz some ov my classmate r da part time students n they oredy they have alot ov experience dat can share in da clazz..while me??juz listeN what they said n canT give opiniOn or coMment..all da lecturers prefer lot ov discussion..n i muz join da discussiOn to get da xtra assemnt markhs..huhu

my timetablE xdela pack sgt...every mOnday till thursday..1 class 4 1 dayz n da clazz only start at 6.30pm till 10pm..juz clazz mama FUzi yG akn abesh @ 10pm..yg len ov coz lew ckOp2 mase trs stoP..like10x

okehh..gtg..feel sleepy...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

kekAsihku by Azzam..

beshhhh sgtt~

mY dear siS @ semeNza

diz year my sis'll start her life and studying @ secondry school.... she got offerz from control school, smka, n krk(special class)..n ov cos she want 2 go 2 control school dat iz Zainab School @ KB..
yesterday my family + cik ann n cik ha hv sent my sis 2 her new school..n she must stay @ hostel..hahahaa..her 1st impression bout hostel is like a nightmare+hardcore..ngehehehe..she thought dat must sharing anything especially toiletries + bla..bla..wif her need lew..i noe her..she really dun like 2 share her goods wif other itz gud 4 her 2 stay @ semenza's hostel..then she can learn how 2 share sumthing wif fwendz+2 be more indpndnt+2 help each otherz+more disciplinez..juz wanna say Good Luck Sis..hopefully ur nightmre hasn't becomin' as reality..

no more pixie more taylor more miley more more more "umi..wat air oren...wat air milo..nk wing..nk aym bakar..nk topup.."

n 1 more thing..she cant outing without umi+abah @ parentz..the new rulez @ semenza..if da studentz want 2 out 4 shopping+berpeleseran @ etc. itz must under parentz their parentz need to pick up them juz 4 outing..itz like a cruelz rulez..but da rulez is made 4 goodnessz ov semenza's student.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

mY new bABy-G

Baby-G bg 810..
owh..i got it from my fwend..en.Noor my bufdayz presnt..thanx ya~
so now i hv a baby g n he has a g shock..

as long as u need sum1 2 talk n dgr ape yg d merapukan, i'll be wif u fwend..
fwend 4eva~
thanx againz

*already checked da real price diz type ov baby g..erm..rm297..haishhh..

forgetfuL @ m gettIng old????

sessi mengemas d mulakan...
my shirt+my jeans+my crtfcate+my stuFF+my pllowz+my comfter+my bla..bla..bla...banyak ngat..suddnly..juz rmmber bout my medicine..act..itz not really mdcne..juz a nutritinl spplemnts..
crik punye crik....abeshh 1 umah i slongkr..almost 1hourz jgk crik..da fish oilz n my pro-biotic multivtmin.. tergeraK ati mao call umi..

me:- umi..tyme dtg konvo along ari tuh de bwk tk supplemnt yg 2 botol g tuh
umi:- x bwk la..kan along ckp x yah bwk..
me:- uwaaaaaaa...da pent crik...1 umah da d selongkr..
umi:- uishhh..kan x bwkk...
me:- "mengesat peluh yg bnyak"

ngeeeeee....m i forgetful @ m getting old???huh...

Friday, January 1, 2010

1st anniversarY on 1st jAnuary 2010

1st january 2010..
new year and oso my 1st anniversary wif my beloved..whoz???hahhaaa..muhammad shahrul nazmi lew..

owhhh...millionn thanx utk b..coz loving me by ur truth heart..i lup u lahh..even i eweyz called u masham..m still n forver lup u..hahahaaa.....

hope till whenvr b akn sabar ngan hunny neh...think dat i muz lesseN ma hot tempered..kew cm ne b???kew shuke hunny trs berhot tempered..only coz da lil thing i gip u amOkan dracula..sowi2..

he eweyz by my side n eweyz support me..when m fall..he hold me..when m cry..he persuade me..when m happy he laugh wif me..when m hope sumthing he try to fulfill it..when m ask him 2 change he try 2 be perfect in my eyez..he is mine..HIM~

never think 2 luv u..but m luv u..never think 2 miz u..but everytyme m miz u..never think u'll be mine..but now m yourz..n only u m ever wantd...

hope we'll 2 gther everlastng...n can clbrte more2 annvsry againz...

waiting 4 15th january 2010..

welCome 2010

WELCOME 2010..
Hope 2010 bring joy n happinez 4 allz ov us. i shall be strOnger n better from previOus yearz..plusss..pluss...i need a fresh startz indeed..
n..n..n...letz turn into a new leaf n oso get a new successzz..
owhh..diz year m in master need 2 xtra n xtra studyz..
happy neW year~