Wednesday, January 27, 2010

afdmkad & new life

omost 3 weeks m x updatin' my bLog...sincE mY title chanGed b as a stUdentz..m hven't enough tyme colOring my bLog wif mY latesT storY n gossiPs..reAlLy buzzieSt wif mY esemenT.. not reAlly esement Juz omewOrk dat Ive goT every Weekz..stIll tRying 2 comfort mYself wiv new envirnmnt iN da class..uwaaa...sheram shejUk bile msyUk class coz some ov my classmate r da part time students n they oredy they have alot ov experience dat can share in da clazz..while me??juz listeN what they said n canT give opiniOn or coMment..all da lecturers prefer lot ov discussion..n i muz join da discussiOn to get da xtra assemnt markhs..huhu

my timetablE xdela pack sgt...every mOnday till thursday..1 class 4 1 dayz n da clazz only start at 6.30pm till 10pm..juz clazz mama FUzi yG akn abesh @ 10pm..yg len ov coz lew ckOp2 mase trs stoP..like10x

okehh..gtg..feel sleepy...

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