Friday, January 1, 2010

1st anniversarY on 1st jAnuary 2010

1st january 2010..
new year and oso my 1st anniversary wif my beloved..whoz???hahhaaa..muhammad shahrul nazmi lew..

owhhh...millionn thanx utk b..coz loving me by ur truth heart..i lup u lahh..even i eweyz called u masham..m still n forver lup u..hahahaaa.....

hope till whenvr b akn sabar ngan hunny neh...think dat i muz lesseN ma hot tempered..kew cm ne b???kew shuke hunny trs berhot tempered..only coz da lil thing i gip u amOkan dracula..sowi2..

he eweyz by my side n eweyz support me..when m fall..he hold me..when m cry..he persuade me..when m happy he laugh wif me..when m hope sumthing he try to fulfill it..when m ask him 2 change he try 2 be perfect in my eyez..he is mine..HIM~

never think 2 luv u..but m luv u..never think 2 miz u..but everytyme m miz u..never think u'll be mine..but now m yourz..n only u m ever wantd...

hope we'll 2 gther everlastng...n can clbrte more2 annvsry againz...

waiting 4 15th january 2010..

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