Monday, May 31, 2010

Truncation searching (Library mode)

entry yg i post pade XXXXXX2010 tajuk XXXXX de story sal library rite..okeh...4 diz entry i'll continue with the next entry relate to da library..TRUNCATION searching...apekah neh???

1- Truncation Searching ni membolehkan retrieve balik document yg mngndungi variations on a search execute a truncation search, juz type da 1st letters (stem) ov da keyword n followed by an asterisk (*)

4 example:

Diz search would retrieve entries for all documents containing the words: creature, creation, create, creating, creator, creaturely, etc.

2- When executing a phrase Truncation Search, only da final word in da phrase can be truncated.

4 example: 
made in he*

Diz search would retrieve matches for all documents containing da phrases: 'made in heaven', 'made in hell', 'made in her', etc

*credit 2 Proquest..n info merate)

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