Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forever Love

Loving you not because of your beauty. 
I love you more and more, your every eye contact touches my heart.
Because you let me see forever and then I understand myself.
Please treasure the days that are about to come
Loving me, there’ll be some pain and unfairness
If you really love me, it's really not an "of course" decision.
I can feel your breathe next to my ears as magical as breeze passes by.
You softly comfort my uneasiness.
Therefore I really want to learn your smile every day, how natural it is
Forever Love, Forever Love.      
I really want to spend my whole life time loving you.
From this moment on, You will be my ultimate reason of happiness.
Love is the most beautiful and furthest journey. 
There’ll be rains and mud along the way which sometimes prevent us from going forward
I can feel your temperature in my arms as warmly as sunlight.
You magically melt my uneasiness
Unbelievably, this proves my reason of loving you, how natural it is  

Your flickering eyes 
and my silent voice 
is the best evidence our still loving each other 
So please let me repeat this. I love you..
Until eternity   

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