Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Purple day KLCC

Too Much Story To Share..

start from last 2 weeks activities..

C.ann and me went to KLCC..for almost 1 year i'm not step in to the memories place for me n my ex..(eh..tok sah di kenang)..my aunt want to buy some books for her work purpose..so me just be a driver for her (like me an expert driver in KL)..

We directly went to Kinokuniya and browse the books..i let her find the books and me of course take part in non fictions area..pick here and there..at last i just bought only 1 book for my reading (do i have time???)..my aunt also didn't get the books that she need..but since we already at bookshop, she just bought the collections of "Chicken Soup for The Soul"..

After that, we let our feet to explore the new look of Suria KLCC..they make some renovation and  improvement for the space and shops...spend our sweet time at Bisou Bake Shop..ate the cupcakes and the awesome iced chocolate..take some pictures and the best moment when we had joined to support purple day by paying only RM10 for take picture in a giant frame with KLCC picture as the background.

We continued to look around in case have something interesting to bring back..but nothing..so we just going back home and faced traffic jammed of course.. 

what a wonderful purple day we shared!!

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